Anonymous said:
Favorite sound?

I like the sound of a good slap most days. Nothing is more satisfying than a good, loud spank.

Anonymous said:
Favorite sensation

I’d have to say one of my favorite sensations was back in the day, when I would perform on stage, I felt like I was a whole new person. I felt confident and sexy. I felt invincible. For once, I wasn’t the freak that made books spontaneously combust or fly across the room during class. 

The adrenaline rush was always something else. 

Maybe that’s why I like roleplaying so much…

Anonymous said:
Favorite position?

It really depends on my mood actually. You’ll find I’m plenty flexible though ;)

Anonymous said:
Favorite toy to use~?

Hitachi personal massagers are the bomb. 

Anonymous said:
Secret kinks?

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Anonymous said:
Favorite place to do it?

Anywhere and everywhere I can get away with.

In honor of Sexual Sunday, you guys should ask muse awkward sexy questions.

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((Being a giant copy cat because Frank had a good idea, and I posted an ask meme dealing with my muse’s scars, so I figured why not. Apologies Frank!))

((reblogging for Shan *eyebrow wiggle*))

Anonymous said:
Pro: Well we've always wondered and our playful banter can only go so far. Plus you're a good friend, and you deserve to feel good. Con: Not exactly fair on our current partners. -BB

Yeah, I’d hate to make things awkward between us if we did. Your friendship means way more to me than that.

jailbaitvstheworld said:
Pro: You're super hot and it'd be pretty cool. Cons: You're gonna be my sister, hun!

Still not blood related though *EYEBROW WIGGLE*