((Being a giant copy cat because Frank had a good idea, and I posted an ask meme dealing with my muse’s scars, so I figured why not. Apologies Frank!))

((reblogging for Shan *eyebrow wiggle*))

Anonymous said:
Pro: Well we've always wondered and our playful banter can only go so far. Plus you're a good friend, and you deserve to feel good. Con: Not exactly fair on our current partners. -BB

Yeah, I’d hate to make things awkward between us if we did. Your friendship means way more to me than that.

jailbaitvstheworld said:
Pro: You're super hot and it'd be pretty cool. Cons: You're gonna be my sister, hun!

Still not blood related though *EYEBROW WIGGLE*

Anonymous said:
Pro: Down fer anythin' at least once. Con: Has a tendency ta get things started only ta leave by destroyin' peoples property, like a wonderful tease. ~crazykasady

*flushes bright red* THAT WAS A ONE TIME THING! I SWEAR!

Anonymous said:
Pro: Oh, well, where do I start? Magic, body, personality, kinks... Eh, well, I'll just say "everything". Con: Well, I'm not sure exactly how you broke a building that one time, but I'm a little afraid to find out.

Well that’s not something that you’ll have to worry about much now that I’m not host to the Phoenix Force anymore. Then again…

thespookyshadow said:
Pro: superbly amazing fantastical beautiful sexy times Con: everyone else will be jealous of our combines sexyness

How about we just invite the jealous ones? Then everyone’s happy!

speshulmarvel said:
Pro: Patient and understanding with inexperience. >\\\> Con: Even with super powers the scratches take FOREVER to go away. So embarrassing...

Oh don’t be such a baby. Think of them as battle scars and wear them proudly like the warrior you are!!!!

Send me one pro and one con you could see with having sex with my character.
(anons welcome)

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Anonymous said:

*Going through her things, getting rid of stuff she doesn’t need, she comes across a special bit of anon magic she forgot she had. It had the power to bring anyone of her choosing back to life. It could have saved her a lot of trouble and heartache. It could save her some now even. Who would she bring back though? Two names ran through her mind, and before she could even do anything else, the magic faded away.*

Strange… did it just run out?

Anonymous said:
Do you have any ideas about having sex with a symbiote/symbiote host?

I did have ideas at one point. Living out all my kinky, japanese-tentacle hentai fantasies, ultra-weird shibari, all that jazz. It’s not going to happen though, so oh well.