Your muse walks in on my muse undressing and catches the various scars along their body. What is your muses reaction? What do they do?



when you miss roleplaying with a certain person but you don’t wanna go to their ask because you feel like you’re bothering them


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((*cries because of all of Meg’s reblogs and because I miss all our shenanigans*))


fuck dating girls who are “naturally pretty.” date girls who are supernaturally pretty. date a hot ass ghost. date a fucking alien 

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Man, I feel like a woman.

((If I were to do daily/weekly/biweekly flashback drabbles about any of my characters, is that something that any of you might be interested in reading at all?))


Working on some redesigns for things and working out color schemes.


A more practical Scarlet


More of a classic Scarlet Witch costume


Giving Maggie more of a Dr. Strange look


Alternate skin and hair color for Maggie

((I had the most incredible dream last night. I dreamed that I really was Scar and in some strange turn of events, I was the Scarlet Witch before Wanda was and I ended up being recruited by the Avengers. After hearing about some weird goings-on, we split up to go investigate and my group ran into Wanda and Pietro.

Wanda was struggling with her powers and I had to help her figure them out and it was overall this amazing experience and I’m so upset it was just a dream.))


When your muse misses another, but you don’t want to bug their mun.

When you miss certain threads, but don’t want to bug the other mun.

When you feel like you’re always bugging another mun…




When you really really want to answer an Rp but you can’t find the right words and you are answering other RPs faster than the speed of light and you are sure the other RPer thinks you are being a douchebag but in reality you are just like